Introducing the NEW TAROT SIZE Edition of the Sacred Wild & Soul- Searching Oracle.

The NEW Tarot sized edition

Welcome to the latest creation from Sacred Wild Soul. I am really excited to introduce to you the NEW version of both the Sacred Wild Oracle and the Sacred Soul-Searching Oracle.....NOW IN TAROT SIZE!


Both the original mini versions of these decks have been so popular worldwide that I wanted to offer them in a larger tarot-sized format as well......and it was well worth the wait!

The TAROT SIZE revision of both the Sacred Wild Oracle and the Sacred Soul Searching Oracle will be combined together into 1 BIG deck containing all original 60 cards from the 2 smaller decks.

This larger size has a slightly thinner card stock than the original smaller decks, which makes them easy to handle and shuffle.

ALL Pre-sale orders will also come with their very own bespoke, handmade (by me!) zipper pouch to keep your cards safe and makes them easy to transport, travel with or keep them in your sacred space.

I am offering a special PRE-SALE DISCOUNT of £33, this is valid until April 22nd. After this date this Tarot sized version PLUS the handmade card pouch will retail at £44.